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What is the Ekin Nutrition Platform

What is the ekin app? This is a basic visual of the Nutrition Platform

How to log VEGGIES in the Ekin Nutrition Platform

Make your vegetable count!  

Choosing CARBOHYDRATES-Tortillas

Make choices that meet your macros!  Think volume for carbohydrates.  It doesn't have to be difficult!  

Choosing CARBOHYDRATES-Cereals

Cereal can be good and bad!  Make better choices to get the right results!!  

Reviewing types of PROTEINS and when to have them

Quick discussion about Proteins: 

Titan Whey Protein (for post workout, snacks, bedtime)

Titan Isolate Protein (for post workout)

Titan Stage 7 Protein (for snack replacement)

Nutritom Egg Protein (for lactose free/gluten free)

Editing a food in your ekin app

How to edit a meal after you already saved it.  

How to edit a meal time and explaination of scoring

Why did I score only 2.5 stars?  How do i change my meal times if I woke up late or if I am having dinner later?