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Customized Nutrition Plan

What is a Customized Nutrition Plan?

A Customized Nutrition Plan is the first step in achieving the physique that you've always wanted.  People spend hours at the gym, but the truth is nutrition is 80% of achieving your health and fitness goals.  

If increased energy, a more defined physique or improved confidence is your priority, then a customized meal plan is for you!

It is not a simple matter of "calories in" and "calories out", it's where those calories are coming from.  This plan will be customized to your specific goals.  Best of all YOU choose the foods that you eat.  


  • INFO INTAKE: Your basic information is obtained as well as exercise and sleeping habits.  
  • 7 POINT PINCH:  Using a caliper your measurements are taken as well as your weight to establish a baseline.
  • GOAL SETTING:  Once your baseline is established, goals are determined for the next 12 weeks and long term goals .
  • TIMING & MACROS:  The timing of your meals as well as daily macro nutrient (macros) are calculated all while you choose the foods you enjoy!
  • YOUR NUTRITION PLAN:  An overview of  your personalized plan is presented along with the tools and information to assist you in achieving your goals.  

Your Journey Continues

The program includes a total of 6 appointments to complete the 12 week program.  Your five follow up appointments are scheduled every two weeks for accountability.  

At each appointment, a series of simple graphs indicate the progress along your journey.  This assists our team make changes as needed and adjust your plan accordingly.